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Development Services Division

In the Development Services Division (DSD) of the Arizona Department of Real Estate, we regulate the sale of Subdivided Lands, Unsubdivided Lands, Timeshares, Membership Camping contracts and Cemetery Plots.

Except in the case of Cemetery Plots, a developer must obtain a Disclosure Report (public report) prior to making offers for sale.  A Certificate of Authority is the required document for cemetery sales.

Each development type has its own application form which can be downloaded from the Development Services Forms link in the menu to the right.

Much of what we do can be very complicated and technical in nature.  To get you started with some basic information, we have prepared a list of many of the most common questions we receive.  Please click on the Development Services FAQs link in the menu to the right.

To contact the Development Services Division, click here.

Development Services Investigations

The Arizona Department of Real Estate is always willing to help consumers by investigating violations of real estate law.

The Department is authorized to investigate and take action when someone violates real estate law or the Commissioner’s rules.  Most of our Development complaints involve the following:

  • Illegal Campground
  • Campground Violation
  • Illegal Cemetery
  • Cemetery Violation
  • Material Change
  • Public Report Violation
  • Illegal Subdivision
  • Subdivision Violation
  • Illegal Timeshare
  • Timeshare Violation

To contact the Investigations Division, click here.