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Educator (School) FAQ

General Information




General Information

What are the Advertising Requirements for Schools?
The school owner is responsible for reviewing all advertising.  Advertising must be factual and not misleading.  Advertisements must contain the school name, address, and telephone number.

Where are the new Broker Management Clinic (BMC) course and instructor guidelines published?
Click here to see Substantive Policy Statement 2012.01 for additional information.


What kind of courses does the Department approve?
Generally, the courses must be real estate related, and be live or online instruction that follow Department approved guidelines. The exceptions to live or online instruction are:

  1. Approved distance learning (for license renewal) or remote courses; or
  2. A course taken under the disability program because of a demonstrated need.
The criteria for approval of a continuing education course, particularly topics fitting in one of the mandatory categories, can be seen at Rule R4-28-402.  The content of the prelicensure courses is prescribed and outlines are available here.

How does a school get a course approved?
When you have received approval to operate a real estate school and want course approval, the Department requires:

  1. An authorized school representative to submit an application for course approval (Application for Certificate of Course Approval (ED-102) for live instruction (prelicense or Continuing Education - "CE" courses) or Application for Approval of Distance Learning Course (ED-104) for qualifying distance learning CE courses (See R4-28-101 and R4-28-402), as applicable) or (Application for Certificate of Course Approval (ED-111) for online instruction (onlince pre licensing).
  2. Attach a brief outline (1-2 pages, in 2-3 level outline format) and identify the objective(s) of the course -- What will the student gain from attending your course?
  3. A statement that the school will teach students the identified course objectives during a minimum of 90 hours of classroom instruction
  4. A statement identifying the teaching method(s), textbooks, and handouts to be used.  An outline for a continuing education course needs to show the approximate amount of time to be spent on the various topics.
  5. Identify (list on the application) the proposed instructors.  If currently approved for similar courses, that's all you need to do.  If the Department hasn't previously approved the instructor, submit a completed and signed Application For Real Estate Instructor Approval Form (ED-101), and attach documentation to demonstrate his or her qualifications for instructor approval (see R4-28-404 C).  You may also need to demonstrate the basis for their qualifications (knowledge or skill) to teach the course material.  If the instructor has been approved by the Department but has not previously been approved for the content or topic proposed, then you'll need to demonstrate the basis for their qualifications on that topic.

Who can sign a course application?
Only a School Administrator can sign an application. A person who signs requests for school, course, or instructor approval on behalf of a school is deemed to be exercising control over the school.   Submit School Owner or Administrator Statement of Qualifications Form (ED-106), and a valid fingerprint clearance card issue by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Once approved, the applicant will be listed as an administrator for the school. A change in owners or administrators must be disclosed to the Department in writing within 10 days. See A.R.S. § 32-2108.01 and A.A.C. R4-28-404.

Once the course is approved, does it matter who teaches it, or when and where it's given?
Yes.  A course can only be taught by an instructor who has been approved to teach it, and the Department must be notified 14 days or more in advance every time you offer it.  The facility in which you hold classes must be appropriate.

I'm not sure about the best category fit for a course.  Who can I call?
If in doubt, refer to the rules (R4-28-402) before contacting the Department's Education Section staff. If assistance is still needed, send a message through the Online Message Center located on the homepage.

What do I need to do to teach real estate courses for credit?  Who do I talk to first?
Courses are only approved when offered by a school licensed by the Department. If you have developed a course, you can apply for licensure as a school, or talk to one or more of the schools already licensed about teaching the course under their license and supervision.  The Department will review the submitted course application, outline, hand-outs, and instructor qualifications.  If the course meets the criteria for course approval and the instructor appears qualified, approval will be issued to the school.

How do I request approval for my school to present a course that has already been approved for another school?
Providing that you are not changing the course content, category, or duration, and the instructor is currently approved to teach the course or similar courses, the School Administrator must log in using the online system to complete the online function to share the course with another school.

I have a really great course I wrote several years ago and want to update it.  What do I need to file with the Department?
If there are substantive changes to the course length or content, approval of the revised course is required.  To bring the content up to date without changing the outline, course length, or general content, you need do nothing so long as approval is current.  If the approval has already expired, file an application as if it's a new course (Application for a Certificate of Course Approval Form - Continuing Education (ED-102-CE).

If I want to change the content, category or duration of an approved course, what do I need to do?
You must receive approval of the revised course before you can advertise it as an approved course or issue credit for it.  Submit the same documentation you would for a new course.


I want to apply to be an instructor.  What do I need to do?
Review R4-28-404(C) to make sure you meet one or more of the qualifications, contact a school for which you wish to teach, and file a completed Instructor application with the school for review and submission to the Department.

I have a new instructor I want to have teach several courses for my school.  What do I need to do?
If the Department hasn't previously approved the instructor, submit a completed and signed Application For Real Estate Instructor Approval Form (ED-101) and attach documentation to demonstrate his or her qualifications for instructor approval (see R4-28-404 C).  You may also need to demonstrate the basis for the applicant instructor's qualifications (knowledge or skill) to teach the course material.  File it with the Department at least 30 days before the first class the instructor is scheduled to teach.

If the course is the same and has been approved but I want another approved instructor to teach it, what form do I use?
If the instructor has been approved by the Department but has not previously been approved for the proposed category and/or subject area, then you will need to demonstrate the basis for their qualifications on that category and/or subject area Application For Real Estate Instructor Approval / Renewal / Update (Form ED-101).  If the instructor has been approved for the course category and/or subject area and you already have course approval, use Request For Expedited Instructor Approval (Form ED-103).

If I am currently approved to teach the old BMC, will I be grandfathered?
No.  The old 3-hour BMC will be completely supplanted (replaced) by the new 9-hour BMC.  So, if a school/instructor is currently approved to teach the 3-hour BMC, effective January 1, 2013, that approval is terminated.  There is no grandfathering.  The new 9-hour course completely replaces the old BMC.  So, approval to teach the old BMC does not apply to the new BMC, which is an entirely new course.

To qualify as a BMC instructor, is a test required?
No.  There is no test.

What are the qualifications to be approved to teach the new BMC?
Here are the qualifications for a BMC instructor.  Effective August 1, 2012, each prospective instructor must:

  1. Be a current licensed Arizona Real Estate Broker for three (3) of the immediately preceding five (5) years.
  2. Possess the appropriate subject area experience/expertise in the content areas required to be included in the 9 hour BMC course to teach BMC course #1, #2, or #3.  See pages 8 and 9 of Form ED-101.
  3. Have satisfactorily completed six separate live classroom 3-hour BMC courses (2 each of BMC #1, #2, and #3) within the immediately preceding 48 months, or a 9-hour BMC instructor Development Workshop (“IDW”) within the immediately preceding 24 months.  Possible exception: An instructor submitting an application prior to March 1, 2013 may petition the Commissioner to accept evidence of equivalent qualifications, if a 9-hour in classroom BMC IDW or two 9-hour BMCs were not available in Arizona.

How does a person obtain permission to teach a BMC instructor development workshop (“IDW”) for other instructors?
That person must comply with ADRE’s qualifications for a BMC instructor and BMC IDW content instructor.  See Form ED-101.


My company wants to offer real estate courses for credit.  What's required?
The first requirement is to file an Application for Certificate of Approval to Operate a Real Estate School (ED-100).  You'll need to identify each person and, if an entity, every officer, director, member, manager, partner, owner, trust beneficiary holding 10% or more beneficial interest, stockholder owning 10% or more stock, and person exercising control of the school.  Supporting documentation is required. A Fingerprint Clearance Card must be provided to the Department by each owner of 10% or more.

Schools should review, understand, and operate under the provisions of A.R.S. § 32-2135 and the Commissioner's Rules, particularly Article 4.  You should review and become familiar with those, at the very least.  Other statutes within Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 32, Chapter 20, and the Commissioner's Rules (Arizona Administrative Code, Title 4, Chapter 28) also apply.

Once licensed as a school, what else do I have to do?

  • Obtain approval of the courses you wish to offer for credit and the instructors who will teach them.
  • Provide notice to the Department before presenting courses (30 days prior to a new course; 14 days prior to a currently-approved course that has not changed).
  • Monitor attendance and keep a record of students who attend approved courses.
  • Issue credit to students who complete the course.
  • Renew school, course and instructor approval when due.
  • Make sure your advertising is accurate and not misleading, and properly identifies your school.

How do I know what to do and what not to do while I run a school?
Become familiar with A.R.S. § 32-2135 and Articles 4 and 5 of the Commissioner's Rules. Operate with integrity. Contact the Department's Education Division through the Message Center if you have any questions.