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Online Services

In addition to our main website, the Department maintains two other sites that provide information lookup and license management services:

  • The Public Database allows you to search for and view the details of several different record types:
    • Individuals' real estate, cemetery and membership camping licenses
    • Brokerage licenses
    • Real estate schools, courses and instructors approved to teach the courses
    • Disclosure Reports (Public Reports)
    • Disciplinary actions against license holders

    You can also download and import lists of data from the Public Database into your own applications for creating reports and generating statistics.

  • The Online Licensing and Renewal System allows current broker & salesperson license holders to do the following:
    • Brokers and salespersons can update their home address, telephone number and email address online free of charge.
    • File for renewal of salesperson and broker licenses before license expiration.
    • Salesperson/associate broker may sever employment from an employing broker.
    • Salesperson/associate broker request to be hired (licensees should be sure the broker knows the request was submitted so the broker logs onto Online Services and approves the hire before the licensee starts to work for the broker!).
    • Broker approval or disapproval of requests to be hired and license renewals.  (Salesperson/associate brokers should be aware: If the broker disapproves, their employment is severed and the license is renewed on inactive status.  Licensees should follow-up and monitor the status of their license so they do not conduct unlawful license activity!).
    • Brokers and salespersons can enter courses taken for continuing education, view current continuing education requirements and progress, and view a history of courses submitted to the Department.  If you are a Designated Broker, you can also view the continuing education status of your employees.

    Designated Brokers can also approve requests to be hired by the brokerage and for license renewals by licensees employed by the brokerage.

  • The Online Real Estate School System allows real estate schools to:
    • Share your courses with other schools
    • Change your school contact information
    • View lists of your campuses, courses, and instructors
    • Schedule course events

PLEASE NOTE:  A Salesperson or Broker is able to print out a "license certificate" from the public database, and link to it from the Online License System. The Department of Real Estate considers a printout of data contained in the ADRE Public Database, or an electronic file of such data that can be recreated electronically or on paper upon request, to be a license certificate.

A salesperson or broker may print the license certificate if they wish to do so.  Available employment history appears in the Public Database.

When a salesperson or associate broker's request to be hired is approved by the broker, it takes effect immediately and can be printed instantly.

When a licensee files for renewal online, under the current programming, the renewal takes effect instantly and the license can be printed instantly.  If the broker does nothing, or approves it, the active status license continues uninterrupted.

In the case of a timely renewal by an active-status licensee, if the broker DISAPPROVES it, the license has already been renewed and the EMPLOYMENT is severed, as of the date the broker disapproves it.