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Licensing Division

Welcome to the Licensing Division’s “Frequently Asked Questions” webpage.  These are the most commonly asked questions concerning licensing, and it is our hope that we have answered them thoroughly.

(Licensee) Frequently Asked Questions

General Information




Late Renewal

Legal Presence

General Information

When is a Certified License History for an Arizona Salesperson/Broker license needed?
A certified license history may be needed to qualify for professional licensure in another state.  This is not an employment history.  Employment history is available from the ADRE Public Database.

How to request a Certified License History for an Arizona Salesperson/Broker license.

STEP 1 Complete Certification of Licensure Request Form (LI-217)
STEP 2 Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here
STEP 3 Allow approximately 5 – 7 business days for processing
STEP 4 Make a Payment – ADRE will contact licensee to request credit/debit card payment information in accordance with the current fee schedule

How soon after a change in my personal information must I report it to ADRE?
Pursuant to Arizona statute and rule any and all change to information must be reported to the ADRE within 10 business days.  Changes that are not made, or not made timely, are violations of statute and rule and may be cause for disciplinary action.

How to change information / notify the ADRE.

Online Scan In-House / Walk in
•  Change Online Licensing
It's Free

•  Entity / DB click here

•  Salesperson / Associate Broker click here

•  When unable to change online... Complete:

   - Entity / Designated
      Brokers / Self Employed:
      Entity Address
      Change Form (LI-201)

   - Salesperson / Associate
      Licensee Personal
      Information Change
      Form (LI-235)

•  Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here

•  Make Payment
– ADRE sends a payment request in accordance with the current fee schedule
•  Download and complete:

   - Entity / Designated
      Brokers / Self Employed:
      Entity Address
      Change Form (LI-201)

   - Salesperson / Associate
      Licensee Personal
      Information Change
      Form (LI-235)

•  Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here

•  Visit the ADRE office to process document and pay fee

Who has the ability to perform online or scanned transactions with ADRE?

Transaction Type Online Transactions Scan / In-Office Transactions
Business Address Change Entity
Designated / Self Employed Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Business Phone Change Entity
Designated / Self Employed Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Home Address Change Salesperson
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Home Phone Change Salesperson
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Email Change Salesperson
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Hire Salesperson
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Name Change N/A Salesperson
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker
Sever Salesperson
Associate Broker
Designated Broker
Self Employed Broker

If I requested to be hired using the Online System, why does my license status still show inactive?
Be sure to:

  • Advise the Broker you have requested to be hired through the Online System.
  • Verify that the Broker logs into the Online System to approve the request.
  • Have the Broker print out the license from the Online System and begin work under that Broker.
  • If the Broker fails to approve it, the hire request is incomplete and closed and the licensee will show as inactive status and is not legal to conduct business.

How do I know when my license expires?

  • The expiration date is on the license certificate (When licensed on active status and employed by a Broker).
  • The information is also available anytime on the ADRE Public Database or through the Online Licensing System.

Can I have a Doing Business As (DBA) or other name for my Professional Corporation?
No.  A Professional Corporation (PC) or Professional Limited Liability Corporation (PLLC) cannot have a business or DBA name and the PC or PLC name must be comprised of licensed members (only).  Refer to A.R.S. 32-2125 (B) and R4-28-303 (F).  All commissions must be paid by the Broker to the PC or PLLC.

How do I request or register a name for my Team?
Team names are no longer managed by the Department. The rule (R4-28-502 - Regulating Teams) was repealed in March 2005. The Designated Broker and Team members are still responsible for the accuracy of all advertising, including meeting all the requirements of R4-28-502, as well as, displaying the employing Broker's name in Team advertisements, with the Broker’s name consistent in size with the Team name. (R4-28-502 and R4-28-503)

What is the process to submit a license application online?

  • Scanning the licensing application package to the ADRE might allow for faster processing. Upon receipt, ADRE must approve and process the application.
  • When the Salesperson / Associate Broker Change Form (LI-202) has been submitted with the application, when processed, the license online will show as active status.
  • If the Broker hire is to be processed online, the license information may be accessed from the Public Database by entering the last name, then first name.
  • This will bring up the license number and expiration date.
  • After submitting the Broker hire online the Broker should be reminded that it must be approved before the licensee is legal to work.
  • The Broker will print out the license certificate.

How long does it take to receive approval for license changes?
When using the Online Licensing System, most changes are approved instantly. Otherwise a change request will be processed in the order received.

What is the best way to contact the Department for help with my application?
ADRE has enhanced its online services located at, including the Message Center. By submitting an application or question through the Message Center, assigned ADRE staff will respond as promptly as possible and assist you. To contact the Licensing Division click here.

Why is a Fingerprint Clearance Card required to be submitted to the Department?
Pursuant to §32-2108.01 applicants for licensure are required to obtain a valid fingerprint clearance card through the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) prior to submitting an application to ADRE.  This does not affect the department’s authority to otherwise issue, deny, cancel, terminate, suspend or revoke the license.

Is the License Certificate that is printed from the ADRE Online Services website legally acceptable? In other words, do I need the official license?
Yes, the printed certificate is legally acceptable. The electronic license certificate is the official license certificate - and available after ADRE records are updated. Licenses are not mailed, thus the online certificate is the only one available.

Licensee employment information is also included in the 'printer friendly' license information on the ADRE Public Database.

A person licensed as a PC or PLLC may display their name on the license certificate including the PC/PLLC notation.  If not licensed through a PC or PLLC, this section states 'not applicable'.  Duplicate license certificates may be printed.

What is the difference between an LLC and a PLLC?
A PLLC is an LLC organized under Chapter 4 of Title 29 of the Arizona Revised Statutes for the purpose of providing one or more categories of service that may be lawfully rendered only by a person licensed, or otherwise authorized by a licensing authority in Arizona to render the service.

The PLLC specifies that, in those cases where only a person licensed or otherwise authorized by an Arizona licensing authority, wishes to render one or more categories of service, the licensee(s) may do so only as a PLLC.  Remember, all compensation must be paid through the Employing Broker.

General rules and regulations governing an LLC may apply to a PLLC. (A.R.S. 29-843).

How do I form a PC/PLLC?

What if I have already formed an LLC but need to change to PLLC?

  • If you are seeking to change an LLC to a PLLC, you can amend your LLC Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission. As a minimum, the name must be amended to substitute PLLC for LLC. There may be additional items to amend depending on how the entity was set up. Follow the directions on the form.
  • After filing the amended Articles of Organization, another Notice of Filing must be published in a newspaper of general circulation. Submit the completed Professional Corporation (PC) or a Professional Limited Liability Corporation (PLLC) Instructions and Application form (LI-231) and all required documents.
  • For any questions concerning processes and forms, see the Arizona Corporation Commission website and/or consult professional advice.

How do I inactivate my license?

  • To inactivate a license it is necessary to sever from the Broker online at
  • An inactive status is allowed indefinitely, as long as continuing education (CE) is uploaded, however, remember, the difference between an active and an inactive license is that one cannot perform real estate activity with an inactive license.
  • It is still required to renew the license timely, complete and report continuing education credits, report any changes in personal information (address, name, etc.), and report any criminal conviction or civil judgment, as well as, adhere to all other licensing requirements.
  • To activate a license, visit  The new Broker must log on and approve the hire, before the license becomes active.
  • When processing a hire through the Message Center it is required to complete and submit the Salesperson / Associate Broker Change Form (LI-202) with the employing Brokers signature.


What do I do if I have been convicted of a felony, or misdemeanor or have an adverse judgement or disciplinary action?
A written disclosure of a criminal conviction, or an adverse judgment or disciplinary action against a professional license must be submitted to the Department in writing within 10 business days of the conviction, with required documentation (download and review the Disciplinary Actions Disclosure (LI-214/LI-244) and the Disclosure Document Checklist (LI-400)).  Arrests need not be reported.

Does a DUI need to be disclosed to the Department at the time of arrest?
No. Disclosure is not required at the time of arrest.  Written notice is required within 10 days of the sentencing/conviction.  Even if you notify the ADRE at time of arrest, ADRE will not consider this a disclosure until a written notice is delivered within the 10 day time frame.

When do I make my disclosure?
In accordance with the Commissioner’s Rule R4-28-303(D) “a sales person or broker shall notify the Department in writing within 10 days of any changes in the individual’s personal information or qualifications”.

How do I make the initial disclosure?
You are required under the Commissioner’s Rule R4-28-303(D)(1) to submit a written statement within ten days.  The statement must include but not limited to details surrounding the events leading to the conviction such as arresting agency, date of incident, what court you attended, date of sentencing, outcome such as final plea, date of plea and sentencing.

After making my initial written disclosure to ADRE, what is the next step?
A disclosure package will be sent by ADRE via certified mail. The package will include a letter with detailed time frames in which documents must be turned in. The package also includes an LI-400, which can also be downloaded from the forms area of our website at: For further information on obtaining a new Fingerprint Clearance Card, contact DPS directly.

If I have documents from the court that were given to me at the time of conviction, can I submit them?
Only if they are certified copies of the court records.

I have some of the documents in order for the LI-400; can I submit them now and the rest at a later time?
No, all documents must be complete with the LI-400 and submitted as a complete package. Incomplete submittals will be returned unprocessed.

What if I need more time to complete the disclosure requirements?
Required documents are expected to be submitted to ADRE prior to the required deadline dates.

What is a certified court document?
A certified copy is a copy (often a photocopy) of a primary document that has an endorsement or certificate that this is a true copy of the primary document. It is usually affixed with a raised seal or stamp. When certified copies are stapled, DO NOT REMOVE THE STAPLES, it nullifies the certification and a new set will be required.

What document do I ask for when contacting the court?
Each court system is different and has different forms. What ADRE is interested in and considers when reviewing, are the details of the conviction and sentencing, such as dates the sentencing was given and what fines, jail time, community service etc.

I was convicted in the past and did not disclose. How can I have my case expedited?
This is considered a “late disclosure”. Notify the Department in writing as soon as possible so that the Disclosure process can begin. It does take some time and the entire required process must take place.


Qualify and Obtain a Broker’s License.
Click here to view / download the "Obtaining an Arizona Real Estate License" brochure.

How to obtain a Broker’s license for a Corporation (CO), Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or Partnership (PA).
Complete the Entity / Employing Broker Forms.

ADRE will not process any incomplete packets; Entire packet will be returned.
Follow all instructions/steps carefully.

STEP 1 ADRE Instructions help complete the application.
STEP 2 Fill out Entity/Employer Broker Name Reservation Request (LI-213) and submit the completed form by clicking here
STEP 3 Wait for the Entity/Employer Broker Name Reservation approval notice from ADRE; approximately 7 business days process time
STEP 4 After ADRE Name Approval - Register the Entity with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) or Arizona Secretary of State (Partnerships or Trade Names Only).  ADRE will need FILED copies of articles from the ACC and any amendments upon license application.
STEP 5 Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
STEP 6 Apply for Trust Account(s) with an Arizona Banking Institution, if applicable, or affirm if using an Arizona Based Title Company on the application.
STEP 7 Complete the Entity/Employing Broker Licensure Application (LI-212).  Submit with all required documents as requested by ADRE as one package by clicking here
STEP 8 Wait for ADRE final approval prior to conducting business under the new Entity; approximately 24-48 hours process time

Closing an Entity in Arizona.

STEP 1 Sever all licensed employees with the brokerage through the Online License System.  Click here to update personal information
STEP 2 Complete Entity/Broker Status Change (Form LI-216) and additional documents as requested by ADRE.  Scan all required documents and submit to the Department by clicking here
STEP 3 Make a Payment – ADRE will contact the Designated Broker to request credit/debit card payment information in accordance with the current fee schedule
STEP 4 Designated Broker license will be placed in an inactive status
STEP 5 For further information, refer to Professionals (Attorney, CPA, etc.) and/or Commissioner’s Advisory No.1 'Rights and Responsibilities when a Real Estate Firm Closes'

How to Hire (activate license) / Sever (inactivate license).

Activate •  USE THE ONLINE LICENSING SYSTEM – It's Free - Click here


•  Complete Salesperson / Associate Broker Change Form (LI-202)* or Delegation of Authority (Form LI-204) for Branch Managers.

•  Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here

* Only licenses with ADRE departmental matters may use this form.
•  Complete Entity / Broker Status Change Form (LI-216)

•  Scan and email submit to the Department by clicking here or Delegation of Authority (Form LI-204) for Branch Managers.

Inactivate •  USE THE ONLINE LICENSING SYSTEM – It's Free - Click here


•  Complete Salesperson / Associate Broker Change Form (LI-202)* or Delegation of Authority (Form LI-204) for Branch Managers.

•  Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here

* Only licenses with ADRE departmental matters may use this form.
•  Complete Entity / Broker Status Change Form (LI-216)

•  Submit a resignation letter – not required for Self-Employed Broker

•  Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here

Changing Brokerage Information, such as business address, business legal name etc.

  Business Address Change Business Legal Name Change Business DBA Name Cange
STEP 1 Use the Online License & Renewal System - click here Complete Entity/Employing Broker Name Reservation Request (Form LI-213) Complete
Entity/Employing Broker Name Reservation Request (Form LI-213)
STEP 2 If unable to process online - Complete Entity Address Change Form (LI-201).  Scan and submit to the Department by clicking here Scan and submit to
the Department by clicking here.  Wait
for approval from
Scan and submit to
the Department by clicking here.  Wait
for approval from
STEP 3 Submit Approval notice along with Entity / Broker Status Change Form (LI-216) and additional documents as requested by ADRE Submit Approval notice along with Entity / Broker Status Change Form (LI-216)

Designated Brokers – Out of Office Notification to ADRE.

Time out of Office Who Can Assume Temporary Delegation Notification Requirement to ADRE
Less than 5 days N/A None, as long as the Designated Broker can be reached
5 – 30 days A licensed:
   •  Salesperson
   •  Associate Broker
   •  Designated Broker (DB)
Letter delegating temporary authority – to be maintained at brokerage and attached to/filed with all hire/severs and renewals.*  Limited rights.
30 days or more N/A Designated Broker must resign and brokerage must hire a new Designated Broker (DB) – see FAQs to Hire / Sever

* For Associate Broker / Designated Brokers Delegation – any transactions that must be performed in-office at the ADRE, such as hire / severs, renewals etc., must have the letter delegating temporary authority attached to the transaction form(s).

Broker Management Clinic (BMC)* – What is it and When is it needed?
Broker Management Clinic follows prescribed content and may focus on a particular type of real estate business, such as property management, residential or commercial real estate.

When is the BMC needed:

New Broker Applicants Associate Broker Designated Brokers /
Self Employed Brokers and Delegated Associate Brokers**
Before application When becoming a Designated Broker/Self Employed Broker or Delegated Associate Broker** and has not taken the BMC within the last 23 months At every renewal

*  Effective January 1, 2013, the three (3) hour BMC course requirement changed to a nine (9) hour course consisting of three (3) separate content courses of three (3) hours each in the Commissioner’s Standards category pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-2136.

**  Delegated Associate Broker = Associate Broker with written authorization to act on behalf of designated broker by reviewing and initialing contracts and similar instruments pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-2151.01(G).  Effective January 1, 2013, the BMC is a new requirement for the Delegated Associate Broker license type pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-2136(C).


How do I renew online?

  • Visit
  • Enter the license number. If license number is not known, click on the "Public Database" link at the end of the line that begins “To log in…”. Select “search by name” then enter the last name and click "submit". Find the correct licensee’s name on the list that appears and the license number will be listed. Any licensee's license information may be researched using this tool. Do not cut and paste the license number from the Public Database into the Online System. The system will give an error message.
  • Ensure that the correct last four digits of the Social Security number are used.
  • Type the date of birth in the format shown, mm/dd/yyyy (two digits for month, two for day, and four for year) as instructed. If a mistake is made, delete all of the numbers in that field and type them again.
  • Click on "Login".
  • Follow the prompts to renew the license before the license expiration date. Also access Online Services to change any personal information (address, phone number, email address) or request employment by a Broker. Further instructions are given with each page.
  • Now, confirm that all processes have been completed accurately and that the system has accepted it.
  • NOTE: If renewing after a license expiration date and disclosing a criminal conviction, adverse judgment, discipline against a professional or occupational license, or registering a conditional waiver of continuing education hours, the renewal must be done in paper format and one cannot renew using the Online System.

What does it cost to renew my license?
The License Fee Schedule may be obtained by clicking here or visiting and clicking on the Fee Schedule link on the left navigation menu. (Subject to change without notice as statutes or rules change.)

Important notes:

  • If the license lapsed more than one year previously, an original license must be applied for, not renewal.

What renewal form do I use?
Renew online at Visit ADRE Licensing Forms.

Continuing Education (CE) credits must be submitted online prior to submitting a renewal application.  The Proof of Legal Presence must be submitted, if not done previously.

If I filed for license renewal using the Online System, why doesn't it show that it's renewed?
Remind the Designated Broker that the online renewal has been processed.  The Designated Broker should log on to Online Services and approve the renewal.  The Broker can print out the license and the licensee is authorized to practice real estate.  Should the Designated Broker not take action to approve or disapprove, the license will not be renewed as still being employed by that broker.  If the broker disapproves the renewal application, the license will be renewed in inactive status and the licensee’s employment is severed from the Broker.  The effective date of the sever will be the earlier of the license expiration date or the Broker's disapproval of the renewal.  To avoid conducting any unlawful license activity, the Department recommends that all licensees monitor the status of their online renewal and their license status closely, until renewed and active status is confirmed.

Where do I renew my license?
You may renew your license:

  • Online at
  • If filing by online or by mail to the ADRE office, download and complete the appropriate forms and submit to the Department.
  • Be sure to sign the forms, have the Designated Broker sign if active-status, and include the renewal fee.
  • Make sure the CE courses have been submitted through the online system under “Manage my Continuing Education”.
  • The renewal will not be processed until the CE education has been entered and verified.
  • Renewal licensees are encouraged to submit their application in advance of their expiration date, before the end of the month in which it expires. If renewing late, include an Unlawful License Activity Statement Form (LI-555).  If activity was done during the expired period, it is not legal to conduct business during this time until the renewal application has been reviewed.
  • When the renewal has been approved and updated, it will show the licensee as inactive.  Please confirm online.
  • You may hire on to a Broker using Online Services.
  • The Broker must approve the online hire-on before the licensee is legal to work.

* Please note: Applications for license renewal will be processed in the order in which they are received.

What do I provide to my Broker as proof that I filed an application?
One of the many advantages to filing online is that the confirmation page may be printed and the Designated Broker can immediately approve the hire on or renewal and print the license.  A license status may be confirmed, in the Public Database from the Department's webpage, at  When applying as a walk-in, the receipt showing payment of the fee can be provided.

How can I receive a renewal reminder that my license is expiring soon?
Make sure the email address with the Department is accurate.  The Department issues “courtesy reminders” to brokers and salespersons electronically to remind them of the approaching license expiration.  The email address that has been registered with the Department is used to provide reminders approximately 90, 60, and 30 days preceding the license expiration date.  As an added courtesy service, Designated Brokers with correct email addresses registered with ADRE receive notice of licensed employees whose licenses are expiring at the same 90, 60 and 30 day intervals.  The Department recommends licensees use their personal email address, so as to retain the connection to the Department even if their employer changes.

Inactive-status Entity Employing Brokers (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and limited liability partnerships) will not receive an email.

Using email to provide electronic reminders of upcoming license expirations may reduce the number of late-filed applications, thus allowing the Department to redirect resources.

It remains the license holder's responsibility to maintain their license in good standing before engaging in activities that require licensure.

License Renewal Checklist

It is recommended that this list be printed and used to ensure that all requirements for license renewal are adhered to, whether renewing online or by paper.  Review the Personal Information page through the Public Database to verify all information is correct before renewing.

  • Review Name and Address; make sure City, State & ZIP code are included and are correct.
  • Verify or correct if necessary, the residence telephone number, business telephone number if active-status, and email address.
  • If active status, review the current employer name and business address, including any suite number, and make sure City, State, and ZIP code are included and are correct.
  • A real estate licensee must go online and submit 24 hours of approved CE courses for each 24 month Continuing Education Period.  If unsure of the requirement, read the "What Continuing Education Credits do I need?" FAQ.
  • Answer all the questions on the Disciplinary Actions Disclosure (LI-214/LI-244) and if “yes” answers to any question, provide the additional documents as instructed at the bottom of the form.  If answering “yes” to any question paper renewal is required, rather than online.
  • Sign the renewal application if renewing by paper form.  If the license is active status, have the Designated Broker sign it also, and submit the form.

Late Renewal

When the end of my renewal month falls on a weekend or holiday, when must my application be filed to avoid a lapse in licensure?
If the last day of your license period falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be considered a timely renewal IF it is:

  1. Filed online before midnight of the expiration date,
  2. Postmarked by the last day of the month and year in which it's due, or
  3. Received at the ADRE the first business day following the weekend or holiday.

What happens if I don't renew before my license expiration date?
When a completed renewal application is not submitted prior to the license expiration date, the license expires, and the licensee is severed from the Broker.


  • The Licensee must cease all activity for which a license is required.
  • The Licensee cannot be hired by a Broker and licensed on "active status" until the Department has completely processed the late-filed application

Late renewals may be renewed using the Online System or may be submitted by scan/mail or in person at the ADRE office.  Complete applications for late renewals will be processed in the order received.  Deficient applications will be returned to the applicant, unprocessed.

If filing within one year after license expiration (Late Renewal), renew using the Online System if eligible, or complete and submit the following forms, documents and fees:

Should a license expire, there is a one-year "grace period" in which to renew.  After the grace period expires, the license is terminated.  When the license is terminated (expired for more than one year), an original license must be applied for. (Per A.R.S. § 32-2131)  The Department has no authority to extend this timeframe.  Licenses not renewed within a year of expiration are terminated in EVERY case.

Should licensee continue working while the license was not current, or was in an “in-active status”, the Department will NOT accept a hire on form until the renewal application has been approved.

There are serious consequences when one continues to transact real estate business after the license expires, which could include a civil (monetary) penalty, additional continuing education requirements and license suspension or revocation, as well as, the requirement that all commissions earned during period of license expiration, be returned.

May I have my late fee waived if I renewed late, due to not receiving my renewal notice on time?
No.  It is only “as a courtesy”, that the Department emails renewal notices at 90, 60 and 30 days increments prior to license expiration, and, for active licensees, an email notice is sent to the Designated Broker.  It is required that ADRE have a current valid email address for every licensee.
*** Failure to receive the renewal notice does not excuse a failure to renew on time. ***

Can I get an extension on my license renewal?
The Department does not have the authority to change the license expiration date, nor, "extend" a license period. 

After I file my late renewal application, will I be able to hire online?
When the license expired within the immediate preceding year, there may be eligibility to file for "late renewal".  When renewed, the license would be in an "inactive status", which requires a hire on by a Broker.  The hire on can be done on line.  The Broker must approve the hire on request online within 30 days, or the hire on is not effective.  Be sure to confirm that the Broker approval has taken place.

Licensees within their grace year are able to renew online IF they do not have any Disciplinary Action Disclosures and DID NOT conduct unlawful license activity. (See A.A.C. R4-28-303 and R4-28-306)  False responses to the disclosure and unlicensed activity questions may result in disciplinary action up to and including license revocation.

Persons who received a waiver, that are substituting a class for Fair Housing, must contact the Department prior to attempting to renew their license.

Legal Presence

Why do I have to provide Proof of my Legal Presence in the United States?
The 2008 Arizona Legislature created Arizona Revised Statute § 41-1080 which requires all state agencies that issue professional licenses to obtain proof of the licensees' legal presence in the state before issuing a license. This is a universal requirement of anyone holding a state-issued professional license in Arizona.

What formats are acceptable for submitting documents (what types of files)?
You may submit documents scanned as PDF, JPG, BMP and TIF.

What documents are acceptable to meet the requirements of A.R.S. § 41-1080?

  • An Arizona driver's license issued after 1996 OR an Arizona non-operating identification license
  • A driver license issued by a state that verifies lawful presence in the US
  • A birth certificate or delayed birth certificate issued in any state, territory or possession of the US
  • A US passport
  • A foreign passport with a US Visa
  • An I-94 form with a photograph
  • A US Citizenship and Immigration Services Employment Authorization document or a Refugee Travel document
  • A US Certificate of Naturalization
  • A US Certificate of Citizenship
  • A tribal Certificate of Indian Blood
  • A tribal or BIA Affidavit of Birth

* Should you choose to submit a document that does not have a photograph (i.e. a birth certificate), please be advised that ARS § 41-1080 requires that you supplement your submission with a government issued photo I.D. that does contain a photograph.